The TN Film Community isn't just a network; it's a vibrant tapestry woven from the diverse skills and passions of everyone in the film industry. From actors to filmmakers, writers to producers, and every role in between, we recognize that it takes a collective effort to transform ideas into compelling stories and those stories into vivid realities. Our community is built on the foundation of sharing opportunities, but more importantly, it thrives on mutual support, encouragement, and assistance.

Here, your worth isn't measured by your past accomplishments or your role in the industry. Instead, we value the spirit of generosity and the actions you take to uplift others, fostering success that reaches beyond individual achievements. We believe in giving freely, serving wholeheartedly, and providing unwavering support to one another. This ethos not only helps each member grow but strengthens the fabric of our entire community.Join us in embracing a culture of selflessness within the TN Film Community. By contributing to the success of others without expectation, we cultivate an environment where everyone benefits, and the principle of reciprocity naturally follows. Let's together build a community where every member is supported, every contribution valued, and every success shared.




The TNFilmCommUNITY 11th Anniversary Mixer at the Nashville Film Institute was a resounding success, bringing together a diverse and vibrant group of creative individuals from across Tennessee and beyond. This event, held on June 29th, was a testament to over a decade of cinematic creativity and collaboration. Attendees, ranging from seasoned professionals to enthusiastic newcomers, experienced an evening filled with loving, encouraging, and inspiring interactions. The atmosphere was electric with shared experiences and knowledge, fostering a sense of community that promises to propel Tennessee's flourishing film scene to even greater heights. The spirit of collaboration was palpable, making this mixer a truly memorable celebration of passion and creativity. STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT MIXER ANNOUNCEMENT!

Friday Night Films

Join us for an evening of film and fellowship at the TN Film Community's Friday Night Films! This first special "Net"WORK" & CHILI" event is open to all who love cinema and chili, but if you're also a culinary enthusiast, take part in our CHILI COOK-OFF. The contest is exclusive to the first 10 respondents, offering a chance to win TWO FREE NIGHTS at Mountain Lake Ranch, set against the stunning backdrop of the Smokies, Dollywood, and Gatlinburg. While the cook-off has its limits, the event welcomes an unlimited number of guests eager to mix, mingle, and enjoy a memorable night of networking and tasty treats. Don't miss this blend of creativity and community—RSVP to confirm your attendance, and if you're feeling competitive, secure your spot in the cook-off for an adventure in both film and food.


Tennessee Film Index (TFI)

Your Ultimate Directory for the Film Industry. Dive into a comprehensive directory that is meticulously designed to bridge the gap between creativity and collaboration in the Tennessee film industry. With "TFI," access an extensive database of professionals, each entry meticulously cataloged with names, contact information, and detailed specialties within the film sector. Whether you're in search of a visionary director, a resourceful producer, innovative cinematographer, dynamic actors, or the wizards of post-production, our directory is your first step towards transforming your cinematic vision into reality.

Frame & Focus Academy

Dive into the heart of the film industry with our digital library, "Frame & Focus Academy", your ultimate portal to mastering the art of filmmaking and acting. With "Frame and Focus Academy" you gain unprecedented access to a world where the curtain never closes on learning and creativity flourishes.

Our carefully curated collection will feature podcasts and video lessons led by esteemed industry experts—award-winning directors, acclaimed actors, seasoned screenwriters, and behind-the-scenes specialists—who share their secrets, techniques, and personal journeys. Whether you're aspiring to step into the spotlight or command the scene from behind the camera, "Frame and Focus Academy" offers invaluable insights into every facet of the craft.

Red Carpet Rewards

With Red Carpet Rewards, you transcend the role of a mere observer to become an esteemed member of our vibrant community. This exclusive program unfurls the metaphorical red carpet, presenting unmatched discounts, complimentary perks, and VIP experiences that take your enthusiasm to unprecedented levels. Enjoy complimentary access to events, reduced prices on equipment, filming locales, and accommodations, along with invitations to exclusive networking gatherings. The Red Carpet is your destined place, where the benefits continually accumulate, enhancing your journey over time.